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The visit of The Dedicated Divas

26 Apr 2008

Tina, Lynette, Ali, Verena, Janet, Jenny, Pauline and Anne, are names that we will never forget! From the moment they stepped off the plane at International Airport they warmed our hearts with their fun-loving ways and larger-than-life personalities. They weren’t on Irish soil any more than 5 minutes before they were noticed by the airport staff and other travellers.

On Saturday, the Divas met for some preparation and rehearsal time, and shared some lunch with the Songster locals. At 4pm Tina, ably assisted by Pauline at the piano, led an open practice for anyone interested in singing. Her leadership skills and musical excellence brought out the best in our singing, and together we prepared a piece to share in the evening festival. Tea was served in the hall, and followed by a highly entertaining musical event, where the Divas sang together, played instruments, dressed up, presented solos, duets, and group items. The variety and superior quality of the music making ensured that there was something to suit everyone’s taste.

On Sunday, Verena led our morning worship, and the Divas contributed 2 songs – ‘In the Secret of Thy Presence’ and ‘His Provision’. The appropriateness of the music really enhanced our time of worship, and there was a sense of sincerity in glorifying God. The afternoon meeting brought our special weekend to a close with a bang! Who could forget the timbrels, the Royal Ascot hats, and even the good old Army cup of tea?

After the meeting, the girls were whisked away to catch their flights home, but I have it on good authority that they serenaded the passengers on flight EZY172 to Luton with ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’!

How can I sum up just what the Divas left behind that weekend? They amazed us with their musical talents, charmed us with their high spirits and playful ways, inspired us in our own music making and challenged us in our faith. What a tremendous bank of memories we now have!

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