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A Taste of Glory

17 May 2008

There was a real sense of excitement as the last notes of the overture were played – this was the cue for the cast to make their way onto the stage. During the next hour and three quarters, the story of how the army commenced its work in Folkestone unfolded.   Laughter and sacred moments, trouble makers and people with troubles, lives transformed and testimonies in song – all were important parts of the story. By the time the curtain fell, the audience were well aware of what the mission of The Salvation Army was all about. 

Our decision to produce a slightly condensed version of the Gowans and Larsson musical, Glory, with the cast meeting for the first time on the day of performance was an ambitious one – indeed it would be ambitious for any corps.
Congratulations to all involved. It was a most fitting celebration of our 128th Corps Anniversary, inspired I believe by the Holy Spirit – until the evening of the performance, we had no idea that Majors Thomas & Kathleen Wilkinson,our specials for the weekend, had once been stationed at Folkestone! 
I would like to thank all of those involved in any way. How encouraging it was to see almost all of the corps involved either in the cast, as soloists, in the chorus, the band or in providing technical support. Particular thanks to John & Jayne in sharing the leading of the band and the chorus. Also we could not have managed without the assistance of those from other corps - Jackie Brown as Captain Campbell, Pat Boyd as Lady Beatrice and of course the band: Jonathan W Corry, Graeme Corry, Roy Darrah, Roger Trigg, Brian Bennington, Don Anderson, Michael Skillen, Lyndon Dodds, Stuart Johnston, and Daniel Wright. I hope that you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did. Well done.

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