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QR Codes OK

26 May 2012


I was interested in Morvyn Finch’s request for QR codes to be printed beside articles in Salvationist (Letters 5 May). I agree that we should avail ourselves of new and emerging technologies if they can be used to good effect. 

Back in 1999 not only did Belfast Citadel have a website, which was relatively rare for churches then, but we had podcasts of “The Cachelin Tapes” from Commissioner Francy Cachelin’s Easter Campaign available for download from the website. 
At Belfast Citadel we have recently started to use Quick Response codes on all of our advertising material. The digital signage at our foyer entrance now includes a QR code as do posters, invitations and copies of The War Cry which are distributed at our Open Air Ministry. 
QR codes are relatively simple to generate, free to use and easily accessible by a tech-savvy user of a smartphone which has a suitable app. One click will take the interested user straight to the corps website or to a particular online page. Another advantage of this medium is that it is a very simple matter to see if anyone has actually “clicked” on the code since feedback is available online. 
Noel Moore, CSM, Belfast Citadel